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How to drive in Ho Chi Minh City!

Crazy and always changing, Ho Chi Minh City can be scary for the first time but no worries, Rent Me Motorbike is here to help you!

The vibrant Ho Chi Minh City

First steps in Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, regarding how you prefer to call this beautiful and exciting lady, and you can already feel a bit lost or suffocating. Whether you are starting or ending your trip in Vietnam, you will for sure need to tame our lovely town.

Once you discover that the high temperatures actually make you feel the distance way more longer and your legs a little bit more heavier, you may decide to rent a motorbike in Saigon. And at that moment some fears may appear :

- How can I drive here?

- It's such a mess?!

- No one is using turn signals?! Oh wait yes, but not the good one?! Why doesn't he switch it off?!

- People are driving even if it's a red light?!

- There are 3 on one motorbike?! Wait! There are five?!

- Buses are driving so fast with motorbikes around!

Just take a second and breath :)

Rent a motorbike in Saigon and enjoy your ride!

Here we are. These fears are pretty good for you to drive safely in Saigon, and with our advice, you will definitely become a King or Queen of our energizing Saigon.

After a quick break in Rent Me Motorbike office, you will be by yourself on the roads. It's not that hard, we promise you, and yes! It's a mess, a huge one if you want to call it like this!

But a really well-organised mess!

The first rule we can give you is to follow the flow. Yes, of course, it's a simple rule but it's a really important one if you want to enjoy your ride in Ho Chi Minh City.

No one is driving really fast so don't try to act differently. Motorbikes are most of the time on the right side of the road and taxis, cars and buses on the left. Try to stick with that if you don't want to finish with a really annoying and noisy taxi driver honking every 3 seconds.

About horn, by the way, it's not personal. Using horn in Vietnam is not like in other cities and doesn't mean someone is angry at you. Using horn in Ho Chi Minh City is only to inform people around.

Indeed, never be afraid of using it too much.

Vietnamese people don't look around themselves but only in front. They don't look back because the back person is responsible for looking in front of him/her. Here is the second rule!

Don't look back! If you are brave enough to do the same, don't hesitate, look always in front of you, drive slow and every time you see someone close to you just honk a few times. If you don't feel confident doing that, first of all, it's totally ok and secondly, don't push yourself to do it, take your time and stop if needed.

Every person feels the road differently so never try to push yourself. If you miss your street and don't feel to turn back and cross the road with cars and buses, just keep going and find another way to reach it.

Follow the flow and follow your feeling. Rent a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City is a really good idea and you will get used to driving in its streets. It's the best way to see the maximum of this amazing town.

Few more things before to let you go:

Don't forget your turn signals.

Yes we know, they don't really take care of it but the police does. So never forget to use it and if you are two on the motorbike ask the person behind to raise her/him arm regarding where you want to go. Here, people are more regarding about you raising your left or right arm than your turn signals.

But always use it, such as your lights during the night. These, with your helmet, are the two most important reasons for the police to stop you.

The last thing, always park in guarded parking! Robbery is current here and parking in the street is not allowed, so try to find a watched spot for your motorbike. You will find some parking everywhere, never more expensive than 20.000vnd.

If you don't find it, just ask people and they will show you the closest one.

To park in the street when you are going to a cafe or shop, please remember to park in front of the place you are going to. If you not sure you will always find a guard wearing a blue t-shirt to tell you in a nice way (or not) if you are in the right place.

So how do you feel? Like the future Saigon's roads king or queen?

Ho Chi Minh City is an amazing city that must be discovered with a motorbike rental. If you want to see and feel how living in Saigon is, don't hesitate any longer. Renting a motorbike in Saigon is an amazing experience that a lot of people before you did and enjoyed. With our information, you are more than ready for this.

Follow the flow and contact Rent Me Motorbike Saigon to enjoy your ride in the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City!

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